Visual studio 2012 professional for mac

Visual Studio SP1 is available for download for free. Just open this link and press the download button in front of Visual Studio Service Pack 1. You can select the language. It is only available as an ISO file and for bit systems. If you are looking for a specific VS older version, you can follow the steps below to get the Professional and Ultimate versions for free from Microsoft.

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Depending on the school's business relationship with Microsoft, they may offer a less expensive, and even potentially, a free version of Windows If it is an 8GB RAM machine, you may want to caution about running any other applications while using the Virtual Machines, or your son may run out of memory. If you go the VirtualMachine route, I would assign 50 GB - 75 GB of storage to the guest container because of the continuous inundation of bloated Microsoft updates, and additional software development installations.

The Creators updates are close to 7 GB each. Each time you change something in the guest container, Time Machine will back it up, and it is a quick way to exhaust a Time Machine drive. Page content loaded. Feb 17, AM in response to revantha In response to revantha. Feb 17, AM. I am going to struggle with the spare storage as the Macbook only has gb hard disk size.

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Will probably need to get more storage Feb 17, PM. This way, I have the option of using Windows in the virtual machine, or restarting to run Windows natively at full speed. I was initially skeptical of the performance of a heavy application like Visual Studio running in a virtual machine.

The option to restart to Windows via Boot Camp gave me a fallback in case Visual Studio was sluggish. This guide will work regardless of what type of virtual machine you create.

Supported Operating Systems

Then, I installed Parallels and followed the Parallels Boot Camp guide to create a new virtual machine from the existing Boot Camp partition. The Parallels team publishes guidelines on how to maximize the performance of your virtual machine.

Install Visual Studio for Mac

While it was cool to see my Windows apps side-by-side with OS X in Coherence mode, I found that the UI responsiveness especially opening and closing windows and dialogs felt sluggish. Because of this, I use Full Screen exclusively now. Start menu. I clung to my old ways and installed Start8 to restore it. Disable Windows visual effects.

Visual Studio Code was available for Linux and Mac.

I turned off most of the Windows desktop manager visual effects by going to Control Panel — System and Security — Advanced system settings — Advanced — Performance — Settings — Visual Effects and choosing Adjust for best performance. However, I left Smooth edges of screen fonts checked because it improves text rendering on my monitor.

How to Install Visual Studio Code on Mac

Installing Visual Studio is a piece of cake once the virtual machine is set up. I simply downloaded the latest release from MSDN and let the installer run. If you use an Apple Magic Mouse as I do , Visual Studio tends to be overly eager to zoom the text size in and out as you swipe your finger over the mouse. The Disable Mouse Wheel Zoom add-on fixes this annoyance. I was impressed with how well Visual Studio performed under emulation.

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