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First of all you must know why you are getting this error code 0 so that it can be dealt accordingly. The most probable reason for error code 0 is that the file you are trying to transfer to external hard drive or flash drive is quite large and the system does not support that. So you can try the fragmentation of the file and then transfer it. Sometime the error occur because the permission settings do not allow the transfer of the file. So you have to change the setting to default so that it can be accessible to all users and can be transferable.

In the case the error shows up with multiple files and different devices then there are chances that the Mac OS X has been corrupted and you have to reinstall the operating system in order to fix finder error 0 on Mac.

error code 0 mac fix

The finder error 0 is generated because of this also as the Mac system is unable to transfer file to another file system. So change the file system of the external drive to the HFS partition which can be done by formatting which will again lead to data loss from the drive but you will be able to transfer that particular file to the drive and this time you will not get Mac finder error 0. You can recover by using the inbuilt backup tool which is Time Machine which stores regular copy of the file in the Mac system.

If the Time machine fails to provide the backup then you can try to use the Mac data recovery software which is the all in one solution for recovering lost data from internal Mac hard drive as well as the external drive. It supports recovery from different file system and you just have to scan the drive.

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Then the software will give the preview of the recoverable files, select them to restore in the location of you choice. The software is easy to operate and provide effective results in quick time. Just download the software and then use to recover data lost due to Mac Finder Error code 0.

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How Can I Handle Unexpected USB Error Code 0 on Mac?

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Copy Error Code 0 Mac OS -

I get the 'error code 0' that apparently is a limitation in macOS when dealing with FAT32, limiting the size of files copied. Reformatting the external drive is not an option.

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I've tried using the windows emulator 'Crossover 10,' but it doesn't do the trick. Also, Pathfinder doesn't seem to avert the file transfer glitch. Fat32 has a file size limitation of 4gb. Won't work. You'll need an NTFS file system as a destination, or split up the file into two or more chunks which are both under the 4 GB limit. Or do a bit of compression to get the file under the limit. What's the current length and compression scheme including bitrate, if applicable and what will the file be used for?

As others have said, this is a FAT32 issue.