Disassemble power mac g5 case

In this video I am trying to show how the mod turned out. I am very happy with it, If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments section, I will try Welcome to this little guide showing you how to modify your Mac Pro to feature a transparent side panel. The inner layout of the Mac Pro is beautiful and well Hey guys today I'm here to announce the Powerhack G5 project. Hey Guys! In this part of the build log I pretty much finish building my computer.

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Apple Power Macintosh G5 #2 CPU LogicBoard Replacement Tear Down Disassemble PowerMac G5

Es un ordenador Apple transformado para poder utilizar Windows. En mi caso, he convertido una vieja torre de un PowerMac G5 para This video has been heavily requested among my audience, so I had to deliver! In this video, I take all of the components from my old case and transfer them to a I will be modding this Power mac G5 into a Atx gaming rig. Reason being that because of the perforated holes in the front and back, the case will be very efficient The trick to taking Mac Pro apart is the small plastic rivet.

Thanks for Subs! Jay's Site Intel i7 k 4. This is my self made hackintosh pro. This windows based pc is fully compatible with mac os. I just wanna show you my final build that i already did made last Viel Spass. In this video we will modify a Mac Pro G5 case. We will start to prepare it to hold a PC The first part of my current project. Deviating again form the topics of the day I bring to you part 1 of my attempt to build a hackintosh. It's an apple mac pro G5 case with non apple components on Shoot any questions down below!

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