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The athlete gave a proud smirk, showing the championship ring on his hoof. What can I say? Cheerilee rolled her eyes good-naturedly. They reminded her of her twin sister Cherry talking about sports. Her Cutie Mark was a yellow star with a trail of blue stars. The mare gave a smile and waved in return. The elementary school teacher nodded. How are things at Hoofington University? Cheerilee chuckled in reply. Though I think you have things harder than me. Starlight snickered. The two shuddered, then laughed.

Remember when the boys made so much noise she accidentally wrote two plus two equaling three?! Starlight shrugged, looking a bit sad at that thought. They go ballooning all the time. Starlight nodded. The purple teacher nodded with a smile.

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Starlight rolled her eyes. Applejack occupied herself by simply wandering around the room, saying hello to ponies she recognized and sometimes making chit-chat. There was a lot of catching up to do and not much time to do it. Applejack turned to find herself looking at a light blue Earth Pony with an orange mane dressed, her Cutie Mark a pink notebook with a pin.

Like Applejack, neither seemed to have dressed up that well. Bright Eyes, the mare, nodded and returned the wave. I hope Sweet Apple Acres is doing well. Many ponies thought it was strange Applejack and Bright Eyes got along, given Bright Eyes was the smartypants type, but both knew the importance of keeping the environment running right. Lancer or Lance to his friends gave a nod.

The blue stallion nodded. I recall Miss Yearling telling me of meeting she had with you. Bright Eyes and Lancer chuckled. We got all the action when we were teens and you get most of it now. The farmer nodded. Rarity bite of a cookie. Melody chuckled. Patch was the one who always attracted the weird stuff. The fashionista nodded. The rocker nodded and looked at the time on a clock. Talk after? Rarity nodded with a smile. Nice to see you! Clover blushed. He galloped over…and tripped on some spilled punch, sliding straight at her.

Rarity once again saved the day with her telekinesis. Nice to see you too. Clover blushed once more. Rarity gave a sympathetic nod. And congratulations on making it to the big time! I was always particularly fond of your dream! Being in grand ballets with your name up in lights! The purple Earth Pony blushed. And Rarity! That reminds me! My stage director needs costumes for our next show! Since we were having this reunion, I thought I would ask you.

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Rarity put a hoof to her chin in thought. Applejack had finished her conversation with Bright Eyes and continued on to her search for old friends at the reunion. There were definitely plenty. The yellow furred, purple maned Earth Pony with a candy cutie mark turned to her with a sigh. Applejack smirked and trotted over.

Taking a look at the mare, she noted she had a very shapely figure, like one would expect from a model, and wearing a gorgeous blue dress that accentuated it well. The fact she seemed to be eying the food greedily spoke a lot about how difficult it was to maintain it. The farmer tilted her hat, and then gave a smirk. Bon Bon blushed a little bit. The two looked over to see a chocolate brown Earth Pony stallion with a darker shade of brown for his mane and tail, Cutie Mark a top, munching some deserts.

He was also notably pudgy. She looked back to Applejack and gave her a look over. You ate as much as I did! The farmer chuckled. Ah know how important this was tah yah. Cheerilee and Starlight stood next to the refreshment table, looking out at the gym, seeing so many of their old friends having paired off. Starlight pinned her ears. Right after that, you know? The elementary school teacher gave an understanding, but clearly not happy, nod.

While Cheerilee was looking at Starlight, a peach colored hoof reached out from under the table and swapped out some of her food. The college teacher then gave a sly smile. Cheerile blushed heavily. Oh yes, he is…he definitely is…why do you bring that up now?! She looked over at a blue stallion with a lilac colored mane, his Cutie Mark a rope tied into Forget-Me-Knot.

The school teacher smirked. The two heard laughter and looked down, finding a peach furred mare with a light pink mane and tail to crawl out from under the table, her Cutie Mark a pink and yellow patch of fabric. Cheerilee allowed herself to chuckle a little. Apples are the best food in the world. With the apple in his maw, Big Macintosh pushed to stroller back into the house. He went to the kitchen and took out a knife to skin the apple. Once it was bare, he took a bowl and held the apple over it. With the slightest force, the strong stallion was able to turn the apple into a gooey mush.

He started spoon feeding this mush to Little Seed, who enjoyed every spoonful. The next day all of Cheerilee's students were happy to see her back in class. They were so happy in fact that they paid extra attention to the lesson and no one caused any trouble at all. Cheerilee was so impressed by her students' behavior that she gave them extra recess. But she stopped Apple Bloom before she went outside.

This question caught Cheerilee off guard. She knew that Apple Bloom was too young to know the answer. After a moment of thinking she finally came up with a response.

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Cheerilee giggled to herself and started to write out the next lesson on the chalk board. Halfway through she heard a knock at the door. She sighed. She knew that her students couldn't keep themselves out of trouble. But much to her relief and surprise it was Big Macintosh at the door with Little Seed.

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Cheerilee smiled and started tickling Little Seed with her hoof. Did you miss me? She's an absolute angel. Big Macintosh blushed deeply. They were both really great friends.

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And after that little experience with the love potion, he felt a stronger bond with her even after the spell was broken. Plus she was now the mother of his own child. Their eyes met each other. They instantly felt love fill their souls. And before they knew it, they were locked into a deep kiss. Both Cheerilee and Apple Bloom looked at him.

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Cheerilee marries my big brother…" She started putting some facts together. Cheerilee is going to be my sister! Both Cheerilee and Big Macintosh laughed. They turned their attention to Little Seed, who was sucking on her hoof. Together the new engaged couple lifted their daughter out of the stroller and smiled at her.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons My Little Pony. A cute one-shot where Big Macintosh discovers that he is a father, and Cheerilee is the mother. Big Macintosh x Cheerilee. All of your get well soon cards helped a lot. I really need to talk to him. Could you take her today?

I need to plan my lessons for tomorrow. I was hoping you could look after her. You mean I'm an aunty? Cheerilee have a baby? Does that mean you're married? Don't mommies and daddies need to be married to have babies?

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Can I at least know her name? A smile formed on Granny Smith's face as she started to chuckle. I just want to ask about Little Seed. The Og Nag here are also acting strange, as if being directed by an unseen force. There is one last battle Raiden must fight in: to break away from the endless cycle of abuse.

It is the one fight Raiden must win before he can save anyone, even himself. After the battle with Diagon, Ben was broken, with the ultimatrix destroyed and Azmuth not wanting to give him the finished omnitrix, Ben was forced into hiding.

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Till a day it all changed, now he's got his powers back. But now he has to juggle hero time with being the father to ten little Alien Equines. After losing her virginity to Applejack, Fluttershy feels motivated to start a fucking streak. Fortunately, Big Mac overheard her and his sister, allowing her an opportunity to fuck him in his bedroom. His marefriend, Sugar Belle, is bound to be nearby After finally returning home from her adventure to Manehattan, with a cutie mark no less, Applejack spends her first morning back with Macintosh, baby Apple Bloom, and Granny Smith as they await the return of Bright Mac and Pear Butter.

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It's hard when you want two mutually exclusive things. Still, he can't help but wish he could somehow have both.

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This story is similar to my other story "Stallion's Paradise", except Riddick's the only human for this story. Big Macintosh is engaged to Cheerilee, but he's also been having fulfilling, no-strings attached tumbles with his friend Caramel. Mac thinks it's the perfect situation, until Caramel tells him he's gotten engaged to another stallion. Turns out Big Mac wants those strings after all. Lucifer wakes up in Equestria and has to find a way home. But he needs some help from a few friends.

After a long day of work on the farm, Applejack found relaxation in the fields of sunflowers.