Southern creamy mac n cheese recipe

Your recipe is filling, creamy, and full of flavor not bland! I prepared it for Thanksgiving and it was a hit! My family kept going back for more and so did I! It was so good that the men of my family took plates home and the mac-n-cheese was in their to-go plates. Thank you for teaching me how to cook my favorite food!

I definitely plan to try out more of your recipes for the upcoming holiday season! Hi there! Hi Rosie. I notice you have lots of mac-n-cheese recipes, just like I do. Which is your all-time favorite and why? Hi Carol! Love… Love this recipe! I have made this two times so far and every time it has been a big hit with everyone!

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This one is definitely my favorite! Thank you for sharing this recipe!!!!! I made this Mac and cheese for Christmas dinner yesterday and my family and friends were asking for more today! They were so impressed! Even the picky eaters were in LOVE, asking who made the mac and cheese and giving me compliments!

I followed the directions and it was a great success. I just had to leave a comment to show my appreciation. Thanks for the video as well because the visual helped. What size baking dish do you use for your southern baked macaroni and cheese? Thank you. In the oven now!! Hi Rosie, Thank you for this awesome an amazing recipe , I made it yesterday for Sunday dinner,because i was looking for an amazing Mac an cheese. I been cooking for yrs. The way my grandmother used to cook was amazing but everybody keeps the recipes quiet an on thevhush hush so i went looking on my own for years now, I knew how to make it, her way but never really had the measurements, we knew to put this in an that in but never the measurements exactly.

So it would be Ok but never really great an what i was really looking for an searching for that particular taste ,,,,an have been on the hunt for years ,but ms Rosie you win hand down ,I love love love it. You know yo stuff honey. I am now watching everything you make. My next thing will be your caramel cake, my grandmother, would make this when we were kids but I have made this before but your cake recipe looks great an the icing too. Thanks again. Hi Lynnmarie!

Let me know how the caramel cake comes out for ya! Ms Rosie wanted to let you know the Mac an cheese was the star of the shower this past Saturday. I took two party pan trays , so in total I made 3 trays so far. I will nev er make another Mac an cheese that goes in oven any other way.

Perfect Southern Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Thank you, thank you ,thank you for your amazing talent an recipes an for helping me shine bright an star.. Hi Rosie, I try this Mac and cheese recipe over the holidays beside making our traditional Puerto Rican meals. I even made it again for a foodie day I had with my best friends. They loved it. I for sure love this recipe.

This will be my go to Mac and cheese dish for now on. It was the bomb. This looks amazing! I was wondering if adding an egg would hurt the recipe? At first I was only going to make one pan but after coming home with basically no leftovers, I am so glad that I made the two pans. Rosie, thank you for sharing this recipe, it is now my favorite and only mac and cheese casserole that I will make from here on out:.

Hi Jennifer! Yes, this is definitely one of my favorites as well! Thanks so much for giving my recipe a try! I live in Australia and am no able to source colby jack cheese anywhere unfortunately and was wondering what you would recommend as a substitute? Hi Rosie,. Hey Rosie. Therefore the outcome will not be the same. Only make low fat Mac and cheese but I was asked to make some for a party and no low fat-lol. I used your recipe after all the great comments and great feedback on it. I will be making it again so I can eat it right out of the oven!!!

Thanks for sharing!!! OMgosh, I am so happy to find this!! I just found you. Frankly, I am very very excited about your other southern recipe, especially greens! Hi Cindy! I have many more coming, so stay tuned! I was wondering what would be the measuring size for a family of three?? Extremely delicious! Also made your southern candied yams.. You are the real MVP! Saving these recipes for my lifetime..

Thank you so much! Hi Rosie, I found your recipe on Youtube yesterday and went right to the store after work and bought everything to make it. And I am glad I did. My picky son ate it for dinner yesterday and it was the only thing he complimented me on. I gave you credit ; He ate it again for breakfast this morning. My Mother came over to visit and ate some after football last night and put up a to-go container afterward. This is the best. Thank you!! Hi, Rosie!! I have been humbled.

Mama's Creamy Macaroni & Cheese - Southern Plate

So, I have happily tossed my recipe out the rotation and replaced it with yours!! Thanks for sharing!! Thanks for the recipe it was absolutely amazing! I love it. I just wanted to tell you this recipe visit awesome my childern and my husband loves it. I have made 4 times. Your recipe is outstanding. Made it for the family the other night and it was a huge hit! Thank you so much for this recipe. I plan to make this over the Holidays from now on, as well as for any potlucks that come my way. I absolutely love your recipes! Your YouTube video are perfect and very easy to follow.

THEN i tried this receipe. Oh My Goodness. I made it for the first time last weekend. My search is over. This will be my macaroni and cheese recipe forever. Rich, creamy, flavorful and oh so yummy. Thank you so very much. Rosie, your recipes are simply amazing. I am going to next try the soulful mac and cheese.

I am so very excited. I believe with you and your amazing recipes, the food network needs YOU!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us on the web. I do hv one question. Your recipe states to buy block cheese.

Southern Macaroni and Cheese

I was going to buy from the deli. However, I am unclear as to the thickness and how many slices equal 4 oz. Also, Could I substitute heavy cream for half and half, which I already have. Or should I buy half and half? Thank you again, for taking the time and energy to display your recipes in such a clear and concise manner. Hi Jennie! When buying from the deli, you can ask for the amount needed. Ask for 4 oz of the cheese.

Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. Sooooo I made my list on last night and did my shopping first thing this morning. I wanted to play around with the recipe and ended up making pans for my neighbors. Thank yooooou! The sauce made with cream cheese, havarti and Gouda cheeses make it wonderful. I bought the havarti and Gouda from the deli and when I got home I realized they sliced me a smoked Gouda cheese instead.

It was still excellent though…. I just cut back on the smoked paprika. The proportions listed for each ingredient is perfect. Making this right now for thanksgiving dinner and it looks and taste amazing!! Awesome recipe cant wait for everyone to try it!! I made this yesterday and it was amazing! Made this today with my girlfriend, we love cooking and trying new recipes and this has now become a must have dish for family gatherings and holidays. Your recipe is genius and so delicious.

Thank you so much for sharing! Everyone says never make something the first time on Thanksgiving!! Everyone Loved It and After Making two pans of each.. There was Nothing Left. You Are The Bomb!! I have been hosting Thanksgiving now for 7 yrs and this I will admit was the best. The mac n cheese was a HIT!! I made 2 pans, one just as you have it then I made one with crab. Can I tell you both pans were empty by the end of the night.

There was over 40 family members at my house and very little left overs. I was glad everyone enjoyed my cooking. You are my go to girl for all my recipes and you really help me to shine. He was very disappointed. I stumbled over this recipe and tried it today. I cannot thank you enough. This was a crowd pleaser, and it sure to be a cherished family favorite. Does it store well if I make it the night before and heat up the next day? I just came across your site as I was searching for a new recipe. I see in your recipe you add cream cheese. Is it an absolute must to include in the recipe?

Are you able to taste it? For Christmas dinner I prepared your mac and cheese collard greens and candied yams, unbelievable. I was so pleased and proud at how deliciously wonderful everything turned out. I owe it all to you Baby. Hi Hattie! I am so glad that I could assist you with your holiday menu! I appreciate the kind words. Hoping that you have a amazing ! Made this on Christmas and it was a hit!!! Thank you!!! Gonna look up all of your recipes so that I can get more kudos.

My family and I enjoy it everytime I make it. Thank you for sharing. Very tasty, creamy, and down right flavory delicious!! Can you make this ahead of time, say 2 hours, and then bake. I have to take this to a dinner and I want to cook it when I get there. This sounds delicious. Do you think I could make it up ahead of time and refrigerated then bake it? Made this tonight. It was amazing! Thank you for sharing your recipe.

Going for the banana pudding next. Hey Rosie, just tried this recipe and it is by far the best macaroni and cheese recipe I have ever tasted. When will you post the video to your homemade banana pudding? It look so good and I want to try it but really would like to see your video first. I just stumbled onto this recipe on Pinterest.

My mouth started war tearing as soon as I started reading your recipe. Your mac and cheese will be On our table tomorrow. Hi Abby. For best results I would advise sticking to the recipe. Hi ,Rosie what type of havarti cheese do you use for this recipe. Hi Rosie Omg!!! This is amazing. He loved it. Everyone loved it. Life changer!! I wish I can post a picture of it when it finishes. Hi Rosie! How would I go about doing that? This recipe was delicious!!! Thanks for sharing! Question for you. I love extra sharp cheese, can I pair that with the mozzarella and sharp instead of the Colby Jack?

Did you precisely measure each seasoning or did you kind of eyeball it and seasoned it to your liking? I want to make this recipe a day or two ahead. Should I assemble the whole dish are keep them separate and put together the day of Thanksgiving and heat? I am concerned about the noodles absorbing the sauce and losing some of the creaminess. Sorry ancestors. Just being honest. Have you ever assembled this dish, then refrigerated it over night and baked the following day?

Just wondering if this method affects the quality at all. Just trying to get a jump on Thanksgiving day. I saw you have another Mac and cheese recipe, Soul Food Mac and a cheese. I was wondering if I could incorporate the two, five or take a few ingredients, and arrive at the same delicious outcome?

I want to use the cheeses in the southern baked Mac and cheese, but still in corporate the ingredients and spices in the soul food Mac and cheese. Can I do that and it still taste good? It was either too sharp or too bland. Thank you for sharing Making this now, was in need of a new Mac recipe. Thanks so much for sharing. OK, so I just made this for Thanksgiving, mind you it was my first time making it.

I followed your instructions step by step and used the exact cheeses. I had no left overs what so ever! Unfortunately I only made one batch, so I will definitely do double for Christmas! This recipe is truly a keepsake! I made this for Thanksgiving and it was a HIT! I used a creamy Gouda that had chopped jalapenos in it for a little extra kick and it was perfect.

My new favorite mac recipe! Made this for thanksgiving this year. And it too along with the green beans in the slow cooker with bacon pieces was a super super hit. So good, my family was asking me to make more the Sunday after thanksgiving because it was all gone!

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Thanks for the recipe! Normally my mac n cheese would be hit or miss. Thanks to you it will always be a hit! Does leftovers freeze well? I am making this for Christmas, but it is only three of us, just wondering what to do with leftover. My husband found this recipe for me to try for Christmas Eve dinner with his family. I prepared it the night before and put it the oven before dinner and OMG! It was delicious and everyone was pleased with it. I will definitely be checking your website more often for recipes.

I searched everywhere for an authentic soul food macaroni and cheese. I searched dozens of recipes until deciding on yours. I made it for the first time on Christmas and it was exactly like you said it would be. It was creamy, smooth and smoky! It was also rich and delicious! Hi Rosie I have made this dish multiple times and it is to die for. I want to make smaller dishes for easter this year because it is only me and my boyfriend.

I am making this and the candied yams. Is it ever ok to cut the ingredients in half to make smaller portions. I have made this recipe several times and my family loves her. Instead of plain gouda cheese I have substituted for smoked gouda and it adds additional flavor. Rosie you are the best!! Rosie ,. What a wonderful recipe.

My baby is allergic to eggs so I tried this as an egg-free Mac and cheese. I used the gluten-free eggless elbows and it turned out perfect. We love it!! Thank you for this recipe and the smoked paprika is amazing. This recipe has been my go to for awhile now. Always comes out amazing. Wish me luck! That sounds amazing. Almost like my lobster macaroni and cheese. It has bacon bread crumbs drool!!! Did you know you can get out a whole bowl full if you do it while its hot and then just kinda smooth it back down in the dish and no one can tell!?

I have never made it in the oven, I have always done it on the stove top, I will have to try this. I was raised on this stuff! They and my Hubby like the box stuff, yuck! I am trying and loven all your recipes!! When my mom baked her mac and cheese she would put buttered pankie on the top for a little extra crunch.

Mmm mmm good! In fact, every year I make it and take to friends house the day before Thanksgiving. The kids have a half-day and so we eat lunch together and the mom there makes me Pumpkin Roll! I am going to get her to do it soon so I can post it soon! This mac and cheese definitely seems to appeal to moms, I dont know why kids and husbands insist on that boxed stuff when they can have this! Would you please send it to me or is it posted anythere. I am going to try making your version of macaroni and cheese. Loved the pictures to assist with the directions. Looks delicious. I have tried many different recipes and most of them come out grainy and on the dry side for me, but yours looks yummy!

Its been a loooooooooooooooooong sleep deprived week! Hmmm…maybe a shower and a nights sleep are in order. Gratefully, Christy. I love mac and cheese and this recipe looks wonderful! I have no idea how my kids can stand the boxed stuff either! Wow, that looks divine! Or some sort of veggie? Do that, and you would have an entire meal! This looks so good and is an easy recipe and fast. Guess what I am making tonight for supper! Thanks for the great recipes. You make cooking easy Christy! I have a recipe for scalloped potatoes that layers the ingredients just like that!

Except it uses sliced potatoes instead of pasta. OMG this looks so yummy! BTW Christy. I meant to tell you I saw your column in the News Courier today. Love the apple dapple cake! Look forward to reading it each week. This looks so good. I have never baked my mac n cheese, but have had it at countless pot lucks and have wondered how to make it.