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I saw this question posed last in ? I find it hard to believe no one has posted on this since or that this is not a more frequent request.

I too would like to move the open, close, minimize, expand buttons to the right hand side. I have recently picked up my first Mac and I am certainly enjoying a variety of the features and benefits over my past Windows machines. However, closing on the left hand side is simply a very unnatural feel for me. All the other primary control keys on the keyboard are on the right such as return, delete, and arrow keys.

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To then scroll the mouse over your document to the left hand side feels very clumsy, and, as I said, unnatural. This almost gave me pause to wonder if this was designed by a left handed person.

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More likely though, is just more of the shift in focus by designers both at Apple and Microsoft to be more supportive of entertainment and the consumer level user who simply takes in what they are fed, and less supportive of the business level user who requires more independent control and critical thinking about their work, how it is saved, and how it is designed. Please prove me wrong and give me this small functionality. Allow me to move these controls to the right hand side. Posted on Jan 13, PM.

Page content loaded. As far as closing windows, you cannot move the buttons but you can use command-w instead of using the mouse.

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Jan 13, PM. The fact that you're the first posting on this in almost 5 years tells you how much of an issue it is. Believe it or not business users have been working with those controls on the left since before Windows was launched.

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Macs had them there in the very first GUI. Don't hold your breath, it won't change. Und nun??? Nicht ist nachher mehr wo es war.

Und wer will den schon dieses altmodische Design. Ich habe das Pack jetzt seit ca. Die Dock zusatzfunktionen sind das beste am ganzen, finde ich!! Das Theme ist sehr gut gelungen nur leider habe ich die Taskleiste nur oben, wie bekommen ich sie nach unten in die Mitte??

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