Mac os x lion 10.7.3 retail virtualbox image download

I just messed this up myself. How can I have a newer version on my computer? You have 11A The App Store version is 11A Slightly older version for the older Macs. See my comment to your other post about option-clicking. Now it is downloading again the Lion OS. Followed your instructions and it worked. This does not work for the version released through the app store as Maybe Apple adjusted the installer to prevent this? I am looking for a way to do this to install to my other machines as this iMac will be going back to Snow Leopard for the time being.

It is in the applications folder. You can copy it to an external drive for safe keeping if you want. You need to save a copy of that file somewhere, like to an external drive, because if you go ahead with the upgrade to Lion then the downloaded file will get deleted for some reason. Thank you for the helpful tip, i will be doing that for my mac mini. Thank you. In other words, is the Snow Leopard requirement solely because you need the Mac App Store to download Lion in the first place?

So download Lion onto a Snow Leopard Mac, make the bootable install disk, then install on a Mac currently running Leopard?

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Is that what you are asking? That is not what christ asked. He was asking if he could make a bootable USB stick and then install Lion onto any Mac… His friends, family, bloke down the road. Can I buy and download Lion on my MacBook Air, make a usb-stick like this, and then do a clean install with it on my iMac? Or will this usb stick only be useable on the machine I made it? Do you live in the future osxdaily? Are we assuming it will work like it has worked for other OSX releases?

Not entirely true. The build downloaded from the App Store is 11A to support older Macs. Extra updates are downloaded to make it 11A The GM is 11A In that case, the first GM was not the shipping version. Great instructions. Yes that is correct, you can choose to either upgrade Snow Leopard or perform a clean Lion install by using the USB drive method.

Followed your instruction and it worked like a charm. BTW, I used a usb hdd instead of the stick. Thanx a lot. Hi there, I just installed lion from the app store on my air, but now cannot find that lion install dmg in the applications folder. Is it a hidden file?

Only partly true. If you have the foresight to let Time Machine perform a full backup of your Mac before running the Lion installer but after it has downloaded from the App Store then you can skip re-downloading the 4Gb file. Just a lil question : why is there some way to connect to a wireless network in your EFI? This is an option on MacBook Airs. I am looking to install lion as a fresh install , one of the main reasons is filevault 2.

What happens when i reinstall over the top how does that work? Is this bootable Lion image something that you can use as an emergency repair disk by adding things like DiskWarrior and TechTools Pro when they are lion certified? Or is this bootable image only capable of booting and installing Lion? On the same topic, if my assumption is incorrect, would my solution be to wait for DasBoot to be lion certified or to install of SL on a new partition, put on lion, slim it all down, and clone it to a thumb drive?

When I did my Snow Leopard upgrade I had a separate partition on the same hard drive setup as a bootable disk. It worked perfectly and I was able to keep all my existing files. Mount the InstallESB. As in, exactly as many steps as above? CCC rocks! I did not have quite enough space on my 4GB drive for Lion, but with CCC I could opt not to copy some of the packages I skipped all the languages which do not interest me and voila it fits! CCC is the nest way to go. I have done this for Snow Leopard.

Just choose the SD card in lieu of the USB drive stick in the instructions here and follow accordingly. With a USB stick…. The SD memory card then has greater utility. And, knowing that I have a class 6 or class 10 SD card, I also have the reassurance I can capture HD video on the camera without any problems when used to capture HD video. Just an alternative idea. Did this work on the Gold Master that was released last week since it was suppose to be the last update to OSX Lion before they let us download next week.

Can you burn me a copy of both Snow Leopard and Lion? Why do I need Snow Lepoard? I know this is way old, but I love the philosophy, seriously you spent a thousand dollars on a computer spend thirty bucks on an OS! So, VirtualBox may be free but it has some draw backs. If your laptop gets power off and the VM is running, you will lose it with no hope of getting it back. Parallels is by far the best of the three. Download the trails and see yourself before you make a decision.

Also, look on their respectable web site and compare each was well. I think you will find Parallels the best of the three. Also, they have education pricing which is half the retail cost. GUID is what you should use for any partition you want to be bootable Intel but I think it will just completely wipe the space and install it from the disk image.

I really want to get this laptop back up and running but I know little about apple. I hope to hear from someone that can help me out. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Aosat says:.

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Install & Run Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard in a Virtual Machine on top of OS X Lion

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I am using a new Macbook pro primo Does anyone know if the desired install is possible or has been accomplished by others. I used the articles instructions and now have a If anyone out there has succeeded in changing the guest screen resolution, I would be most appreciative in receiving some guidance. I was using an original Luckily, I had a grey I have a problem too. Could you please publish or send me an video of how to do this. I managed to install Lion virtualized on my iMac running Lion I tried importing to Parallel 7, but no luck, says no OS detected.

But the resulting VM is not really usable:. But the reason I did this experiment was to see if I can switch to Lion while continuing to have Rosetta available, since some of my work depends on Rosetta apps. Other versions of Mac OS are not supported. Will a standard install of Snow Leopard work? I never see that option. My Snow leopard is This guide does not work with VMware Fusion. Likely Parallels does as well. I got a regular retail version of Snow Leopard working on the latest Virtual Box. It is not a Snow Leopard server disc.

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Neither Parallels 6 nor P7 will allow me to install the disc. I used VMDK option to install the disc. The first time I used Virtual Boxes default disc. I tried to do the same with the parallels virtual disk, but that failed after some upgrades. It ran fine, completed and then told me it needed to be Snow Leopard server to run. Yet it works fine on Virtual Box. When I was installing. VB seemed to select snow leopard server as the OS even when there seemed to be no option for me to select it.

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Install & Run Mac OS X Snow Leopard in a Virtual Machine on top of OS X Lion

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