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You can install modifications mods to the game by downloading them from mod websites. Other mods, such as the VCM mods that change the appearance of vehicles in the game, require Mod Manager software to install properly. Assign a destination folder for your mods in the Mod Manager. The Mod Manager should now show you that it is ready to install mods.

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The Mod Manager should now detect the new mod that you extracted as long as the mod is in VCM format. Double-click the mod listed in the Mod Manager and allow the software to install the mod into the game. Just ignore the error. It should say something like: 'The installation is not finished - setup error'. At the same time you will also get an error saying: 'Warning - The wrong volume is in the drive'.

Ignore these errors and try to start the game. If the game does not start or another error appears then I am not the person to ask. Perhaps try re-installing, after cleaning the disc. What the heck? Audio Files Disc? This means you did not read the installation guide at all or did not read it completely. The audio disc means the PLAY disc, keep this in mind. Are there any downfalls? Yes: 1. No radio stations 2. No proper mods 3.

Sometimes you lose the ability to use trainers 4. Cheats may not work 5.

The game will keep freezing 6. Won't have access to all features 7. May not let you save your game Many, many more Seriously if you are thinking of dowloading this game from a filesharing network or anywhere else then please think again, the law is now after anyone who downloads music or software for free illegally.

My reccomendation is to buy the game, you will get more features and the game will run properly. There are some drawbacks, but not many. Make sure you have the DMagic Wheel Mod and it is already installed. It should already come with the tool, but if it isnt there then download the mod at another website or go to www. Try find the manual install of the mod and use the IMG Tool for manual installation. You can do that by using the VCM Packager found at www. Close or quit the game before you install the mods.

NOTE: You can contribute tips for this guide by sending me an email, please tell me which tool the tips is for or if it's for both tools.

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All sensible and correct contributions will be added to this guide. First, download the file. When finished downloading, start the setup and install the manager. Then in the programs menu click the 'Mod Manager'. When you have done so, the manager will show up and you are now ready to install your mods. If you still don't know where to go to download mods then Google 'Vice City Mods', and find some mods you like. If you extracted it properly then the mod should show up on the manager and all you have to do is click the mod, and click install. If you want to install other types of mods then use the IMG Tutorial further down.

You may encounter some errors while trying to delete or replace the original files, though. With the IMG Tool you can mod all the models and characters and vehicles and many more. To install vehicles with IMG Tool is just simply deleting the original two files and adding the two moded files.

You may rename the files names to replace a different vehicle, but I would reccommend using the normal replacement. Make sure you quit the game first. Then it should work properly. Thanks to spaceeinstein. First, download the file 2. When finished downloading, extract the folder to a place you wish. You are now ready to install your mods. If there is only one file in the format of VCM then you have to use the Mod Manager to install that mod.

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IMG Tool mods have the same name of the original designs and can only be added to the ones that have the same name. If you downloaded a mod saying 'yankee. First I suggest you find the yankee. Do the same to yankee. Now is the main part. If you have done this properly it will be added in the long list of files. Now do that with the rest of your mods! There are many mods like the replacement of the main.

Before you start installing and replacing, I have written a list of improtant tips and hints. Please read them. You need to back the files up if something goes wrong or the mod is corrupted. If you have a mod that replaced the main. Please note that I do not give technical support on installing MTA so please do not email me asking for help in installing it. Please also note that 'Codename Blue' is about to come out. Codename Blue is said to be much a much better mutiplayer GTA program.

How to install vice on mac

It is easier to install, use, and it also allows mods. It is also said to be less glitchy. Go to the website www. Download by clicking from a mirror of your choice. Install All-Seeing Eye 7. Find Multi Theft Auto and press F5, select a server, double click on the server. The client will start connecting to the server, this is your first time so click the disconnect button and and fill in a nickname and press connect again.

Always start game from the button in All-Seeing Eye, not from the start menu. Start a new game and wait for it to load.

They are also helpful for some missions that you cannot finish. Lots of people complain about some hard missions in the game, such as 'The Driver'. As said before, these mods can be anything, any modification, so a trainers is also a mod. I will give you some examples of how you can use mods to help you in missions, but I put it more as cheating in missions.

There are more than two ways of finishing it but I will just use these two ways anyway. So the speed would be faster, the handling would be better and the looks and other stats will be different.