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Hopeless Kies: Infinitely spinning "Connecting In any case, it could only transfer photos, videos, and movies, and would not have allowed any access to the file structure. It perpetually says "Connecting Neither currently work and the reason for this is that they both use libmtp which is an open source implementation of an MTP Initiator. To understand why this is we need to go back to MTP.

In MTP each device has a manufacturer code and device code, a list of which is maintained in the libmtp source code take a look at music-players.

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Building the library hard-wires the device list inside it, which, at the last build of both Android File Transfer and XNJB did not include the requisite codes for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Also, why did they not ship Kies together with the product if its their software? This was the last ditch attempt, but this method was the only thing that worked for me. Here's looking at the files inside the Galaxy Tab But should we have to go to so much trouble to access the device??? I am doubtful that most will take the trouble to do this.

Does samsung SP-H03 pico projector work on a mac?

Plus its not very pretty, is it? This method is sure to scare off most casual users, I'd imagine. How to Connect Samsung Pico Projector to a Mac A friend described this device as "an obstinate pony" and I honestly could not agree any more with that description. I enjoy having a larger projection of my screen, but I must admit that it doesn't come with much instructions, and it is hard to make it behave.

For example, if you simply plug it into your mac, it won't recognise the device.

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After some hair-pulling and experimenting, I have found the almost fool-proof method of connecting it to a Mac. I have no explanation for why this works or what is going on.

Connecting to Samsung Pico SP-H03? - Apple Community

Turn it off. Turn off all the power.

Samsung LED pico projector SP-H03 Unboxing

Disconnect everything! Turn on projector first, before you start up the mac. Turn on your mac next. Wait for your mac to have completely finished starting up before going to the projector and using its touch buttons to change the selected Input to "PC".

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Projector should be showing the output from your Mac now. Note that you might want to switch to Mirroring if that makes it easier for you to see what is going on Posted by debbie ding. Labels: android , android sdk , ddms , flash , galaxy tab , mobile devices , pico projector , samsung.

The small size of the projector causes issues, too. The VGA, composite, and USB dongles and power cord attach at the rear, destabilizing the projector when they are attached. The magic touch controls are a feast for the eyes but a pain for the fingers. With no tactile sense at all, one must keep one eye on the control panel and another on the screen when navigating the menus, a tough trick!

How to watch Blu-ray, DVD and different videos on Samsung SP-H03 Pico Projector?

One pointer: glide a whole finger across the top to cause the controls to light up without guessing. The user interface is simple but odd. Overall, the SP-H03 is a great but flawed super-portable projector. Overall, the SP-H03 is a reasonable bur not great choice for a business traveler like me. But I definitely prefer a full-size projector if one is available!

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Note: Some of these links include affiliate codes that help pay for this blog. For example, buying an Amazon Kindle with this link sends a few bucks my way! But I don't write this blog to make money, and am happy to link to sites and stores that don't pay anything. I like Amazon and buy tons from them, but you're free to buy whatever and wherever you want. SP-H03 Pico Review: Keen touch control but dim lamp, auto-drain battery; tiny but with clunky accessories. A niche product. Usability Issues Are vanishing controls with no tactile reference really a good idea?