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Cookie 5 had so much change its hard to keep track of it all, but here are some of the most noticable changes and improvements. Cookie 5 is now sandboxed, and there are now two selectable interfaces - The Advanced view,and the Simple view. The Advanced view is similar to Cookie 4. The Simple view is all new, and makes cookie management super simple;just adjust the slider and let Cookie take care of everything.

All cookie types are now grouped into one window Advanced view - but don't worry the old Cookie 4 style is still available as an option in Preferences if thats what you prefer. The preferences have been moved out into their own Preferences window and more clearly organised. Each browser now has the possibility of its own custom removal and timer schedules. Cookie 5 now recognises more browsers, and more data types than ever before. Global hotkeys can be configured, as can notifications, along with the addition of a global pause button.

So much changed in Cookie 5 that something had to give Cookie 5 can import some of your Cookie 4 favorites. But as I mentioned, so much changed that it was just not possible to bring all data accross to Cookie 5. Check out the video above for a better method of retaining your favorites. The Whitelist has been completely rewritten, and is not compatiable in any way shape or form It had to be done.

The Blacklist was removed as it just didnt make sense to keep it anymore with the new sub-domain favoriting. To cut a long story short, it took me close to a year to finish Cookie 5! A year I know Apple has been very generous allowing Cookie 4 to stay in the store as it is un-sandboxed , but to be able to give Cookie 5 the attention it really deserved it needed to be sandboxed as per Apple's guidelines. This was no mean feat, and sandboxing Cookie 5 consumed most of my time. Safari's binaryCookie file for instance needed to be reverse engineered as all official access was removed in El Capitan.

This alone took months of work, staring at binary data with only this incomplete guide as reference. And to be honest, I almost gave up For anyone who purchased Cookie 4 after Dec 1 the upgrade to Cookie 5 is Free, just contact me for a license or a Mac App Store upgrade code.

For everyone else standard pricing applies feel free to email me for any special pricing. Cookie does go on sale from time to time, and you can follow SweetP Productions on Twitter for notifications. Cookies are used by websites to store data on your computer, which can be then transmitted back to the server.

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For example, cookies can store such information as shopping cart contents, login data, search history or browsing history. This data whilst mostly harmless, and even useful - can potentially be shared amongst different websites - effectively tracking exactly where you go, what you search for and creating an online profile of you for targeting marketing. Because it's your data, your privacy! Your browsing habits shouldn't be up for sale to the highest bidder. Company X doesn't need to know you searched for products from company Y three weeks ago.

And company Z doesn't need to know you just bought a pair of fluffy pink rabbit slippers from company X. These companies would all argue that it makes YOUR life easier knowing all this information about you. But in reality its just an invasion of your privacy. Just set it and forget it.

Gli strumenti permettono di non mancare mai una lezione e anche di gestire gli impegni fuori calendario. As digital technology continues to improve, there are more and more apps to help make studying both easier and more fun. Not sure when your French homework is due or when your next exam is? Check your iStudiez app! This is a simple but great tool that allows you to see your daily or weekly appointments and tasks so that you never miss a thing.

You begin by using the Planner to enter the date the semester starts and finishes, then your units. IStudiez keeps track of when forum posts or assignments are due. This app will help you reduce procrastination and prevent you from forgetting to do your classwork. In a central area of the app, you can see daily or weekly assignments, so you can complete them in advance or just stay current with your classes.

Thank you for keeping me so organized! Class is back in session SummerSemester iStudiez. What is better than a watch telling you remaining time of lectures? Thank you, you're great! Been using iStudiez Pro for the first few weeks at school; really recommend for any student! Voor de studenten die er een rommeltje van maken.. De iStudiez Pro app is handig voor het maken van planningen! This app is really perfect for college! If you want an app that can help you stay on track with courses and even remind you what assignments are due today, download iStudiez. It is for students from all around the world who are having problems or issues in organizing their assignments, schedule of classes, etc.

For seven years, iStudiez Pro has been helping thousands of students around the world to track their schedules better.

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There are still several students who are even using their traditional planners to organize their plans. One of the common problems of students is their schedule. It is essential for a student to become productive in school. However, one thing that hinders them is their lack of ability to organize themselves. If you have an Android phone, this app will stand out from the rest of its competitors. Without further ado, I am going to review the iStudiez Pro Android app. Damit Sie sich im Studium besser organisieren, erhalten Sie zudem eine Ansicht aller noch zu erledigenden Hausaufgaben.

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  6. Ive used it everyday seemlessly. It such a simple app that its forgettable in the best way possible. Get the app. God og intuitiv planlegger med mange muligheter for redigering etter egenpreferanser, dette har jeg savnet i samtlige konkurrenter. If you are a university student, this app is a must-have. You can keep up with your grades and let the app do all the annoying calculations for you. The only thing I regret is not having it sooner in my college career! Being this organized literally motivates me to get more done and helps with procrastination.

    Also, the check mark feature for completed assignments is addictive and brings so much satisfaction. This app makes my nerd heart sing. Flipping through four separate twelve page syllabi three times a day? Not anymore, suckers! I also work part-time in addition to my full class load, and I have both my personal and work calendars synced up to this app.

    Color me obsessed. I've used this app for four years, in both high school and college, and will continue to use it as long as I'm in school. If you don't mind the low startup cost of entering your schedule, this app makes it super easy to keep track of your assignments and classes, and is flexible enough to adapt to pretty much any learning environment. If you're entering your classes in Google Calendar and keeping track of assignments in a note on your phone or the back of your hand , buy this app and make your life that much easier. EDIT: Whoever added the "convert class to exam" button is a genius.

    This app is amazing. It helps you stay organized in the best possible way. It understands everything you need to keep track off to be successful in school. I used this app every semester during my 4 years of university. Last time I used this was back in high school graduated and I was so excited to see that it's still around now that I'm finally in college : i think I had bought the old Pro under a different icloud account, but I'm super happy to be able to support the devs by buying Pro again. I loved this app in hs and, even though I was extremely depressed to the point of attempting suicide and never wanted to leave my bed, this app helped my grades stay good.

    Finished hs while in the top 15 students of my class! I have had iStudiez Pro for 4 Years now! It takes a little bit to set-up each semester grade-weights, info of all assignments, etc, etc. I feel confident enough to say that it is because of this app that I have not missed 1 assignment since I started using iStudiez Pro 4 years ago. Seriously this is THE app that you need. Stop your research and use that app.

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    This is the best combination to be organize and have some excellent grade. Finally, the app keep track for your grade and automaticaly calculate our GPA!!!! I wish I had use this app before! I wrote a review a couple of times but it seems like that with every update the previous reviews are lost, so I'll say it again, this app is so mandatory that I literally can't survive college without it, being on time, not forgetting an assignment, keeping track of exams and grades, basically everything a person needs, and all these small details, everything, the app is just perfect.

    I have also gotten plenty of hands-on experience with all of the organization apps that this competes with - I looked for better alternatives, but this remains the best. Used this since my first year in uni until my last ever semester.

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    Very helpful, especially the Watch app to check my class schedule. Can even calculate CGPA based on manual grade points. Ich finde es toll, dass die App auch weiterhin optimiert und gepflegt wird. Ich benutze lieber diese App als einen Planer, da ich hiermit mehr Ordnung habe. Worth the price!! Honestly this app exceeded my expectations. The options it offers in customizing my ever-changing schedule is really convenient.

    Keep it up :. This app got me through 4 years of college. Used it from day 1 to the very end and it was the perfect companion.

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    Not only is this app well thought out and designed, but the Apple Watch app looks and works flawlessly on my first generation Apple Watch! I was shocked because due to the watch being three years old most apps including the built in ones run sluggishly and stutter. While the Apple Watch app used to not be like this, it seems that the developers have improved it over the past year! The developers keep adding beneficial tweaks. Thanks whoever developed this!!! Muy eficiente!! Ich nutze diese App schon seit Jahren und bin sehr zufrieden. Sie begleitete mich durch die letzten Schuljahre, den ganzen Bachelor und jetzt im Master.

    Alas, my education career is coming to an end. After using the free version for a time and moving to the pro not long after, it is time to say goodbye to one of my most favorite and most loved apps. This app helped me all the way from the end of my junior year of high school through the end of grad school here in a couple weeks.

    Can not recommend this app enough for someone who is as scattered brained as I am, who would write things down on scraps of paper and promptly lose them. Es una app indispensable para organizar tu horario escolar, me ha sido de mucha ayuda en la escuela para guardar salones de clase, maestros, tareas, etc.

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    Muy recomendable si prefieres tener organizado tus activiades escolares en tu celular. La verdad, es excelente! I planned homework, long term projects, tests, and my calendar using this app. For a very disorganized individual like myself having this app not only helped me manage my time and studies but also taught be how to manage my time in my non-academic life.

    Thank you! Super App, um sich im Studium zu organisieren. I rarely pay for apps but this one was a few dollars well spent. This app has been my go-to for 7 years now since middle school. User-friendly, completely customizable, beautiful and precise This app is worth every penny and so much more than that. Enjoy it. Back in , this was my "killer app" — the reason I purchased my first iPhone. I see it has become even more polished! Absolutely, totally recommended.

    This app is wonderful! The UI is welcoming all while being functional. This app has helped me organize all of my coursework by allowing me to migrate everything from a physical planner and iCalendar to this single app. I love the Assignments tab where I can get a great sense of what is coming and when I will be the busiest.

    It's a school-specific calendar app and todo list beautifully rolled into one. Sync your class schedule and keep all of your assignments in one place. You can also calculate your GPA! Okay, so maybe iStudiez doesn't do spelling all that well in its title, but the iOS app is a solid class scheduler and homework tracker. The app has clean agenda and monthly views for tracking your classes, and entering in new pieces of homework and projects is simple enough.

    Users can quickly view upcoming submissions, sort by subject, priority, course or date, and track the grade received in a completed items tab. Multi-device syncing lets you take your work between your iPhone, iPad or Mac, and also features two-way syncing with the iOS calendar app.

    It helps you map out your semester and organize your course, assignment and exam schedule. The app keeps track of alarms you set as due date reminders. You can set interim due date alarms for various segments of your work in progress. It eliminates the limits, adds push notifications, backup and other features. Log up to five courses with15 classes and exams per course, 15 assignments and two holiday periods.

    You can also set alarms and reminders for different assignments, exams and class times. This app belongs in the top ten, as it efficiently tracks assignments and due dates for all your classes. You may opt to label and color code some extracurricular activities and put them together with your class schedule. Having all the details of your schedule in one location makes it convenient for you to plan your responsibilities and organise your work schedule.

    It has a Today feature that displays your academic and extracurricular activities for a specific day. Toutefois, si vous souhaitez la tester, une version lite gratuite existe. This app is your electronic life line! You can log in your class schedule, your assignments, along with exams and where your classes are. And the great thing is, iStudiez Pro is available on both the Mac app store and the iPhone app store. Soporta Windows This is a popular student planner students can use to schedule their academic life and get their stuff organized.

    You input your data into the app e. It will automatically notify you of pending tasks s and important dates, save your grades and keep track of your overall academic progress during the semester. La version lite de iStudiez est gratuite, et la version Pro coute 2. Its push notifications tell you in advance about the assignments and tasks need to be done. The app is a great way to stay you updated with all your course related information throughout your semester.

    It's an assignment planner designed with college students in mind. Not only can you see all your assignments and exams at a glance, but it'll also remind you of upcoming due dates, and it gives you a place to enter your scores so you can keep an eye on your grades. It integrates your calendar with your Apple calendar, Gmail, and whatever else you might have.

    My favorite part, though, is that it syncs across iOS devices and PCs. I can enter something on my iPad and it'll show up on my laptop and my iPod. Once you save your class schedule into the app, you no longer have to keep checking your college student portal because iStudiez will remind you of all upcoming deadlines and other academic updates. The Lite version is also useful, but you can only track a limited number of classes. One of the go-to student planner apps is iStudiez Pro, which combines the daily schedule planner, assignment and task tracking, and grades and GPA tracking into one application.

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    You can even share your calendar or specific events with others who use Google Calendar. It's not an argument that college is stressful, and that falling behind is just one overlong nap away. It's a digital planner for today's college student -- going way beyond basic homework tracking. This app includes the ability to track your professors' office hours and contact information pro-tip: put this in on the first day of classes, it helps when you inevitably lose your syllabus.

    The desktop version adds the ability to upload and collect files relevant to assignments, and even track your group project members' contact info. Das Programm ist vor allem hilfreich, um Termine und Aufgaben immer im Blick zu haben und wichtige Ansprechpartner im Studium zu verwalten. The app iStudiez Pro for the iPhone and iPad lets you enter in your semester start, your classes, and exams that can be set to recurring. You can set your class location, your teacher information, and your assignments. It can also save your grades and track your progress during the whole semester.

    You can either spend it moving forward, or you can spend it putting out fires. You decide. The key to success is time management. You can even get notified on your new Apple Watch. If you are doing group work, you can assign a partner and you can hunt down the person responsible for your failure. It comes with both Cloud syncing and iCal integration. It has many additional features making this the best app for college students.