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PowerPoint seems a little more versatile, and though Keynote probably has better templates and transitions, I don't use templates or transitions much. Powerpoint is nicer for exporting in different formats e. All in all, the package as a whole is as useful as Office. Depending on your specific needs you might have some requirement for an Office feature that's not present in iWorks, but for the vast majority I think iWorks would be at least as function, and I think for almost everyone it's going to be faster, more responsive, and just easier to use.

I have tried so hard to like Pages. There is probably no program I have worked harder at trying get it do what it is supposed to do. Full of bone headed ideas about user interaction which go to show why no-one else is reinventing the wheel to put several corners on it. All poorly support by useless Help and a really poorly written User Guide.

At face value it looks OK. Scratch the surface and try to do real work and you find the mess beneath.

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It has a crazy split between "Word Processing mode" and "Layout mode" because the Apple programmers didn't have a clue how to just get it to do both. Odd unannounced functions fail in one or the other. The Layout mode is the more shambolic of the 2 with so many things that don't work it would be hard to list them all.

The Spelling checker in both has to be one of the worst implemented of any program I have ever seen. It is constantly confounding users and seems mostly to just not work. This is strictly for your desktop printer. To give this its technical definition, that is largely a lie. So much does not work either opening or saving to Word that it is just better avoided and only used as a last resort.

The documentation and Help plain suck. As this is a review of iWork I have to say that Keynote and Numbers are both great products. Don't be fooled. This is not a truly new version of the iWork suite. Although it continues the strengths of iWork , especially in Keynote, Apple has not addressed many of the weaknesses that prevent iWork from being a serious office suite suitable for business. If you want to save your money and skip this upgrade, you will not miss much.

All three applications deliver some improvements in terms of functionality, integration, and ease of use. Some of the improvements will be pleasant surprises, but I haven't found any breakthrough "must have" new features. Pages and Numbers continue to be disappointing. Apple has not addressed some very basic weaknesses that prevent the two otherwise attractive applications from replacing Microsoft Office in most businesses that, like mine, produce a lot of documents and spreadsheets.

Global strengths: Although Numbers and Pages do not have the functionality of Excel and Word, they are easier to learn and easier to use. As an experienced user of both suites, I find that I can create a document much faster in the iWork suite than using Microsoft Office. On my basic MacBook, at least, the iWork applications run noticeably faster. Global weaknesses: The Help function remains vague for all three applications.

The search function is inaccurate and the information, if you find it, is very basic. For organizations that use iWork 08, this is a significant disincentive to upgrade. Files tend to be much larger than those produced by their counterparts in Microsoft Office. Currently more users worldwide use OpenOffice. Pages: Despite its shortcomings, Pages is easy to use. The user has a greater sense of "control" over what is happening on the screen than is sometimes the case with Word, especially with format changes.

Formatting is much easier than with Word.

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Pages continues to lack, however, several basic functions. I am sure that there are other shortcomings that annoy other users, but here is my list. Instead, you must break the document into separate files. Numbers I remain puzzled by Apple's apparent refusal to invest the relatively slight effort needed to make this application better than Excel. The tables-based structure of Numbers makes it much easier to use than Excel. It produces better looking spreadsheets.

However, there are at least two weaknesses that keep it from being the first choice for individuals and businesses who need spreadsheets that not only look pretty but also do "industrial strength" data analysis. Keynote Keynote remains vastly superior to Powerpoint. I have to give iWork 09 a positive review, but there still are some curious weaknesses that prevent the suite from reaching its full potential. Full-time Use This review was originally posted on VersionTracker.

These comments relate solely to Pages.

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We are still evaluating Numbers and Keynote. Our firm has been evaluating the Pages component of the iWork 08 suite for one month, with a view to using it as our primary word processor in a document-intensive business. This is a good product: easy to use and capable of producing great results. The "layout mode" is fabulous for producing more sophisticated or complex documents. We also like the integration with other Apple applications.

There is a little bit of a learning curve for those used to Microsoft Word, OpenOffice. Actually, this is more of an "unlearning" curve, because one must unlearn some of the more cumbersome processes, such as formatting, that these other apps use. There have been several shortcomings, however, that dampen our enthusiasm for this product.

Some of these are really strange to find in an application that is elegant and a very good value otherwise. For example: 1. The help function is vague in places. Simple document formatting tasks can take a long time for a first-time user to figure out.

Lesson learned: Be ready to spend some significant time learning how to use Pages to its full capability. On-line support at www. Where is an Apple "genius" when you really need one.? Lesson learned: Disappointing products usually have disappointing support. There is no auto-recovery. If the application crashes -- and Pages crashes more often than it should -- all unsaved work is lost. Lesson learned: Save save save save. When closing a document in Pages, be sure that you have also saved all other documents that you want to keep open.

About half of the time, Pages crashes under these circumstances. When this happens all unsaved data in the documents that you want to keep open is lost. Lesson learned: Save all open documents before closing any of them. The "layout" mode is great! However, you cannot switch between "layout" and "word processing" modes on the fly. A document created in "layout" mode cannot be opened and edited using the more powerful and efficient functions of the "word processing" mode.

Lesson learned: Decide which mode to use before you start. There is no support for Open Document format. Lesson learned: Keep that copy of OpenOffice. Summary: This is a good product, and a big improvement over the iWork '06 version. It still has some problems that keep it from being a solid business application. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Click here to review our site terms of use. If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET's Site Terms of Use , you can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment.

Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. Overview Review User Reviews Specs. What do you need to know about free software?

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Publisher's Description. From Apple: iWork, Apple's productivity suite, is the easiest way to create great-looking documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. User Reviews. Reviews Current version All versions.

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